Urban Planning for Healthy European Cities / Rosalba D'Onofrio, Elio Trusiani

This book investigates different aspects of the relationship between “healthy cities” and “urban planning”, examining various best practices in Europe. From these best practices, the book deduces some themes, strategies, and general criteria for planning healthy European cities. Capitalizing on ongoing trials, the chapters identify the policies that underlie plans and projects that have caused positive changes in local communities in terms of the quality of life and safety of inhabitants. From these best practices, the book deduces criteria and guidelines for planning healthy and safe cities. The book is organized into three parts.
PART I—The City for Better Living
With reference to the international literature, the first part of the book addresses
the different aspects of healthy cities, evaluating synergies with other interesting
issues concerning contemporary cities. 
PART II—Healthy Urban Planning in Europe
The second part investigates the role of urban planning in promoting concrete
actions to improve the quality of life, health, and well-being in the city. This was
done through a selection of some practices in different European cities.
PART III—Planning and Designing Healthy Cities and Communities
Based on European and international experiences, the third part defines strategies
and criteria to reformulate and adapt urban plans and projects aimed at building
health-friendly urban environments.