Qualify of Life in Urban Landscapes / Roberta Cocci Grifoni, Rosalba D'Onofrio, Massimo Sargolini.

This volume introduces an innovative tool for the development of sustainable cities and the promotion of the quality of life of city inhabitants. It presents a decision-support system to orient public administrations in identifying development scenarios for sustainable urban and territorial transformations. The authors have split the volume into five parts, which respectively describe the theoretical basis of the book, the policies in question and indicators that influence them, the decision-support system that connects indicators to policies, the case study of Ancona, Italy, and potential future directions for this work.This volume is based on transdisciplinary research ( completed in May 2016 that involved about 40 researchers at The University of Camerino, Italy and other European universities.This book is published with the University Research Fund (FAR) of the QLAND/QLIFE (Quality of the Landscape and Quality of Life in the Sustainable Adriatic City) Project (ERC panels: SH3_1 Environment and sustainability; SH3_6 Spatial and regional planning; SH3_8 Urbanization and urban planning, cities. Principal Investigator and host school: Prof. Massimo Sargolini – School of Architecture and Design of the University of Camerino).