MATTER SITE. Material (data) intelligence

MATTER SITE. Material (data) intelligence
Nell'ambito del master CIRCUL - AR, venerdì 25 giugno alle ore 10:00 si terrà il seminario "MATTER SITE. Material (data) intelligence" a cura di Roberto Ruggiero e Roberto Cognoli. Protagonisti dell'evento Roberto Vargas & Matthew Gordon in forza presso il Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction dello IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)  Il seminario sarà incentrato su una esperienza avanzata di innovazione digitale applicata al tema della costruzione circolare in atto presso lo IAAC.

Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas is a Costa Rican architect, currently finishing a second year master’s in Robotics and Advanced Construction, in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects and Scaled Robotics at IaaC, Barcelona. He specializes in computational design and architectural visualization. His research focuses on the digitalization of the construction industry, where as a technology enthusiast he innovates by combining exciting features of different disciplines for circular solutions.

Matthew Gordon 
Matthew Gordon is a designer and digital artist, currently pursuing a Masters in Robotics and Advanced Construction at IaaC, Barcelona. He works to apply digital design approaches for direct and real world effects, particularly their possibilities for health and the environment. He has previously collaborated with Playground of Empathy and the University of Virginia’s Architectural Robotics Research Group.