International Call for Ideas for the Design of the Renewed Bagnoli Area


The International Ideas Competition for the Bagnoli area is intended to design the new landscape of the former industrial area of Naples, which covers an area of 250 hectares, transforming it into one of the largest and most fascinating international urban parks. The future of the Bagnoli site, as in the Environmental Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration Programme, is to make the most of geographic, landscape, environmental, social and cultural resources, restoring the quality of life and a general well-being of places for citizenship and for future users of this area. We intend to realise this vision through a low-density settlement project, with a high-quality environment whose key elements are green areas and a range of new residential, commercial and tertiary activities. Its core is the large urban park of about 120 hectares which is expected to develop into a new green heart of Naples. An attraction, which will host industrial archaeology artefacts, research spaces, leisure and sporting activities and that, through its 2 km of waterfront, is an ideal link with the Gulf of Naples. This call will help to define the future park design, outlining the overall planivolumetric plan of the area for better enhancing landscape and natural heritage. Invitalia, the National Development Agency based in Rome, has launched this competition, which is part of an ambitious environmental rehabilitation and urban regeneration project.
The deadline is set for January 7, 2020 at 11:00am. The total amount of prizes is 325,000 euros, of which 150,000 for first place, 100,000 for second place and 75,000 for third place. In accordance with the Italian law, Invitalia has the right to entrust the winner with the next stage of design of the urban park for an estimated value of 4 million euros. For more details, see the official website
E’ una occasione unica di “fertilità urbana”: archeologia classica e industriale, waterfront, servizi, attese turistiche, architettura, residenza e beni culturali che richiedono una visione integrata e sapiente. Per trovare sfide ambientali, urbanistiche e paesaggistiche analoghe, è necessario guardare alle trasformazioni delle città olimpiche o ad alcune “Operazioni Capitali”. Per tale motivo Le scrivo, perché vorremmo attrarre le migliori professionalità, nazionali e internazionali di urbanistica, architettura e landscape.

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