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Hugo Sanchez Paisaje sarà ospite al corso di Cultura e Progettazione del Paesaggio, mercoledì 14 Aprile

Lecture by Hugo Sanchez Toledo, PAISAJE , Mexico 
MERCOLEDi 14.03.2021, ore 16:00: https://unicam.webex.com/meetisilvia.lupini

Hugo Sanchez Paisaje is an office based in Mexico Coy, found in 2019. Its work has a focus on the relationship between nature and individual just as much as its relationship with the city: the former to promote a sense of intimacy and belonging with nature and the latter to preserve natural processes as fundamental part of the urban processes. From that standing point the work centers on promoting conditions for vegetation to build the garden and dwell it at the same time. tHugo Sanchez was born in Morelos, Mexico. He Architect studies at Universidad La Salle. As part of the Novenas creadores" grant got the masters degree on landscape at Universitat Politecnica de Gatalunya in 2002. From 2001 to 2003 he worked at Manuel Ruisanchez and Manel Colominas  studios In Barcelona, both In architecture and landscape projects in cities such as San Sebastian and Barcelona. After that he worked with Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta at BGP Arguitectura. In 2005 collaborated with Eyeland Network (China) in public space landscape projects. He was a partner and projects principal at Entorno Taller de paisaje from 2005 to 2019 where landscape projects were developed in cities such as Fiji, Cannakale (turkey), Los Angeles and Casa Blanca. In 2019 he was architecture professor at La Universidad la Salle in 2003, from 2004 to 2007 at la Universidad Anahuac del Norte and from 2007 to 2010 at Universidad lberoamericana. 
CORSO DI CULTURA E PROGETTAZIONE DEL PAESAGGIO Corso di Lauren in Architettura Magistrale-UNICAM SAAR aa. 2020/2021 Prof.ssa Silvia Lupini Assistant Arch. Lucrezia Gasparini Arch. Isabella Calducci 

video della conferenza