Call for papers: Design 2020

Routledge, Taylor&Francis and Intellect Books collaborate with the University of Kent and City-University of London.

Connections: Exploring Heritage, Architecture, Cities, Art, Media
29-30 June 2020, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. Abstracts 10 Feb. 2020        

The City and Complexity – Life, Design and Commerce in the Built Environment
16-19 June 2020, City University of London, UK. Abstracts 01 Dec. 2019

In historic Canterbury, the University of Kent hosts a conference on built heritage, future architecture and the digital turn. In London, City University hosts a conference on urban design, architecture and infrastructure in the context of the city as a social and economic entity. 

Themes include:

Urban planning | Architecture | Digital design | Technology | Resilience | Heritage | Communities | Design for health | Smart cities