ABS 2020 - Call for papers

Conference on Advanced Building Skins, to be held 26-27 October 2020 in Bern, Switzerland. With its high-caliber presentations the conference is the leading event on building envelopes in Europe. We are inviting you to present a paper on a topic falling within the scope of the conference. You will find a list of topics, which will be covered at our conference here: https://abs.green/speakers-page/list-of-topics
How to apply:
Proposals should be clearly focused and should include the following information:

  • paper title plus 3-4 bullet points
  • author’s and co-author’s names
  • phone number, email address and postal address
  • synopsis (3,000 characters) with 6 keywords

Bullet points are 30-50 characters long; you will find samples of appropriate bullet points here: https://abs.green/program-2017/policies.
Please submit your proposal by 28 February using our abstract submission page: https://ams.abs.green
The Conference Committee will review your proposal, and you will be notified by 10 April regarding the status of your submission.

Registration Fee
Speakers are required to register for the conference by 30 April to qualify for the reduced conference fee of 540 EUR (regular fee is 680 EUR).  The registration fee includes lunches and coffee breaks, and the publication of manuscripts in the conference documentation. Full papers received by 15 June 2020 will be included in the conference documentation.
The presentations from our Conference on Advanced Building Skins of 28-29 October 2019 are now available online. We are offering access to all of the 24 sessions with over 140 presentations as Webinar.
In our webinar you will learn:
·      How responsive building envelopes will adopt to future climate change (session A3).
·      How to raise the efficiency of kinetic façades with biomimetics (session B2).
·      What are the advantages of electrochromic, thermochromic and liquid crystal glass technologies (session B3).
·      Why shading must be dynamic (session B4).
·      How to optimize construction costs with parametric performance analysis (session C5).
·      How to develop complex façades with Envelope Information Modeling (session C6).
·      How adjustable thermal insulation will reduce heating and cooling loads (session D2).
·      How new coatings will reduce façade maintenance cycles (session D4).
You can download the detailed conference program here: https://abs.green/files/program2019.pdf

Presentations are available on-demand for one year. In addition to the online access, you will receive a copy of the conference documentation, i.e. an 870-page document with full papers of our speaker and their contact details, see table of content: https://abs.green/files/pdf/content-2019.pdf.

The registration fee for the webinar is €280 for a single user, €480 for two users, and €880 for a company license. The price includes online access to every presentation for one year, as well as the conference documentation with full speaker papers and their contact details. Please click here to register: https://abs.green/registration