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INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP EQUINOX - Workshop Internacional de Criação Urbana

The international Workshop Equinox is an interdisciplinary annual workshop  involving students and scholars of the Universidade Estadual do Maranhao / Brazil, the Université Paris est Marne la Vallee / France,  the Sapienza University of Rome, the University of Camerino/Italy   and the University of Belgrade/Serbia.

The workshop provides a full immersion of two weeks of young students in a "learning experience by doing", where the project activity will be complemented by specific lessons by teachers and experts on the issues of Urban Regeneration and the direct confrontation with local communities, stakeholders (merchants, sports associations, entrepreneurs) and Public Administration.

The project activity, characterized by a pronounced interdisciplinary approach (urban planning, architecture and design) aims to encourage the dialogue and the transfer of experience between young students from different nationalities and concludes with an exhibition and a presentation of the project proposals.


-Universidade Estadual do Maranhao / Brazil

-Université Paris Est Marne la Vallee / France

-Sapienza University of Rome / Italy

-University of Camerino / Italy from 2015

-University of Belgrade / Serbia 2016.


-Sao Luis, 2009

-Paris, 2010

-Sao Luis, 2011

-Sao Luis, 2012

-Paris, 2014

-Sao Luis, 2015

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Equinox 2016