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CRITICAL PRACTICE IN AN AGE OF COMPLEXITY: An Interdisciplinary Critique of the Built Environment

Dates:  February 22-23, 2018 _ Place: University of Arizona, Tucson

Abstract submission due: December 5, 2017

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The conference welcomes delegates to present in-person, via Skype or pre-recorded video which will be uploaded to the AMPS YouTube channel. 

Keynote: Jane Rendell, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Every generation of architects, urban designers and planners face a set of seemingly intractable and isolated problems particular to their time – whether spatial or social. Mid 19th Century city planners addressed questions of public health while architects engaged in a ‘battle of the styles’.  By the 1970s ecological forerunners argued for a future of sustainable living while post-modernists looked to the past for aesthetics. Today, Donald Trump promises investment in infrastructure while simultaneously relaxing environmental regulations and targets.

The built environment is a complex mix of physical and social questions. Engaging with it requires reflection and vision. It also requires critique and multiple practices.

To this end the conference welcomes specialists from across disciplines: architects, urban designers, planners, artists, human geographers, sociologists, artists, media specialists and more.


The conference is part of PARADE (Publication & Research in Art, Architectures, Design and Environments). PARADE   brings together multiple publishers: Routledge Taylor&Francis, UCL Press,  Intellect Books, Libri Publishing, UCL Press, Vernon Press and more.

The conference will lead to journal articles, a proceedings publication and books.

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This event is organised by the University of Arizona, School of Architecture and AMPS.